Monday, June 28, 2010

Taxi Fares and The Roads

Bism Allah wa as salaamu alaykum.

Almost every car and pick-up truck is a taxi in Madinah. There are marked taxis also, but they don't often pick you up. Just hold out your hand and someone will pull over to find out where you want to go. They may ask you to give them directions, but if you're paying they'll take you.

Anywhere within Madinah should cost no more than SR10 unless you are going at a very busy time or are very far away and they know you aren't local, when it may be SR15. No more.

Driving in Madinah is akin to taking your life in your hands on a roller coaster in the wild, wild, west. No, I am not fact it is an understatement. Cars do not pay attention to lanes, will swish and swerve in front of anyone and will turn left from the fifth lane on the right which is only for right turns in front of every other car. It is stressful, unpleasant, and wipes out any thoughts of a pleasure drive. That said, it is much easier to get on with life and function with children, etc. with a car. We bought a used minivan after 4 months here, and it was a huge blessing. 
Don't be surprised to see toddlers hanging out of car windows, fathers driving with babies on their laps, and little boys that look around 12 driving their mothers around. Elementary school age children are left to run the shops and child car seats are nowhere to be seen.


  1. mashallah these are amazing posts my dear sister thank you may allah reward you abundantly! please keep posting! please remember we may not always leave a comment but we will always be reading inshallah! another question my sister, will they renew your contract always forever, how does that work?

  2. salaamu alaykum sister. my thoughts are with Mina. even though people dont always comment i assure you its being read (im new to your blog but the benefit inshaAllah can be seen)


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