Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cost of Things

Bism Illah wa as salaamu alaykum.

We struggled to get any idea of the cost of day to day items and also household and electronic goods prior to coming to Madinah. Now, we have found a few websites for shops here that give a good idea of what is available and at what price.

Extra Electronics:
Like a Best Buy - large electronic store

Jarir Bookstore:

Sells everything from books, laptops, phones, and craft supplies.

Big hypermarket selling food, clothes, housewares, appliances, and electronic goods.

Big hypermarket selling food, clothes, housewares, appliances, and electronic goods.

These give a very good idea of general prices here and make it easier to make informed decisions about what to bring and what to buy here, as well as formulate a budget for food and household sundries. If you are not brand conscious and simply like nice clothes and matching sets, then clothes are very cheap here, mashaa'Allah. Cotton skirt sets for my daughters, which standardly consist of a long skirt, a t-shirt, sometimes a little matching bolero jacket, and handbag will cost around SAR 20-30, equivalent to $5.00 - $7.50 or UK pounds 4.00 - 6.00. There are lovely denim peasant skirts with beads and embroidery, all manner of designs, colors, etc. Boys' thobes range from SAR 15 to 70, depending on material.


  1. jazakkallah khair sister! please can you give me some idea as to where to start in my quest to live in saudiarabia? and is there no possible chance of getting work without a degree?

  2. Wa iyaaki ukhty.

    I am not a person to paint pretty pictures that are not based on any reality. The only people who can work in Saudi Arabia without a degree are those laborers that are brought in from the sub-continent for very low salaries. These people earn around SAR 500 - 700 per month and live in very poor conditions, mashaa'Allah. To gain employment here in Saudi Arabia, as per the Ministry of Labor Laws, an expatriate from the "West", i.e., UK, USA,or Canada MUST have, at minimum, a Bachelors Degree.

    I have been married 8 years, mashaa'Allah, and after deciding that we wanted to live in a Muslim country for some time while raising our children, we realized that my husband would need marketable qualifications. He started attending college in 2004 and earned his Bachelors Degree and his Masters in a span of 4.5 years. We lived off welfare for that period, because we knew the sacrifice would, inshaa'Allah be worth it. Mashaa'Allah, before he even finished his Masters, he was offered 5 jobs in Saudi Arabia...and we, of course, took Madinah. It has been worth it...and what seemed like a long road to get here passed amazingly quickly because our eyes were on the goal.

    Even other countries in the Gulf are difficult to get into without some solid qualifications. After all, they will not pay for tickets, accommodation, family medical, etc. unless they are getting someone very valuable and useful as an employee.

    Egypt, however, is much is Syria I believe.

  3. thank you so much sister you have been a blessing to me, alhamdulillah! allah heard your prayers and rewarded your hard work and determination, you are very lucky! i hope you don't mind me talking to this way, i know it takes up much of your time jazakkallah khairan, so did your apply for these jobs while he was still studying? and do they give permanent visa or you have to keep applying for new visa?please make dua for me that allah grants me my wish of living in saudi!

  4. As my husband already had his BA and the TEFL teaching certificate, he was applying for jobs that either would accept him with those qualifications alone, or with the "potential" Masters. He applied before he completed his Masters and was employed without needing it, although it is a great benefit to him now. What happens is that before or during the time one is taking the degree, one should take a decent TEFL, CELTA, or DELTA course. Then one needs to teach that some decent experience can be put on their CV. (Get reference letters for every and any teaching done.) As soon as the BA has been completed, one can apply for jobs.

    As for the visa, standardly once they offer you a job, it is for one year with renewable contract. The visas for entry will be for up to four people. If you have more than that many in your family, you must pay for the additional tickets. Upon arrival, Iqama's (residence visas) are issued for the whole family for the one year period. They are renewed before they expire along with the contract renewal.

    The companies that hire and then subcontract out to the universities work a little differently and, to be honest, they are more flexible about what they will accept as regards qualifications if they are desperate to get people to fill positions. However, it may not be the most stable way of getting here and staying in any given place.

    My dua' are with you my dear sister.


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